Our Founder


Our founder Ali İhsan KORGAVUŞ, born in 1932, completed his military service as a reserve officer after his graduation from Arts School and was taken to work life. Ali İhsan KORGAVUŞ is the father of three children, one girl, and two boys. KORGAVUŞ, with its biggest hobby in its youth being boxing, has a 1st ranking in Turkey. In the 1950s, he started inquiring about the new weaving textile industry in our country and worked for a while in towel weaving looms, where his father was also the owner. He then opened up a small lathe leveling workshop with the support of his father, with the goal of repair and production of spare parts for these machines.

Ali İhsan KORGAVUŞ, relying on his experience in business life, started to first repair and then manufacture of the door locks of MAN, MERCEDES buses in the beginning of 1960's. Along with this new business line, the name of the company has become Unver Oto Kilit Sanayi. While this branch is still under way, when TOFAŞ and RENAULT automobile factories were established in the beginning of 1970s in our country, taking into account the spare parts requests and gap in the market, begun to produce rubber and rubber parts. Ali İhsan KORGAVUŞ, who always acted with honesty in business life, left us in 1979 when he was 47 years old.