Product Approval Tests


In Ünver Group laboratories, controls of elastomer materials working in different temperature ranges, used in different air, water, fuel, engine oil, antifreeze etc. atmospheres and with high mechanical features are performed. Also, material adhesion specifications can be measured.

Our Laboratory equipments,

  • Reometer Device: Baking characteristics and dough pouring tests

  • Rigidity Measurement Devices: IRHD, Micro IRHD, Shore A

  • Tensometer Devices: Physical behavior of the material (breaking, pulling, extending, tearing etc) and material adhesion analyses

  • Oven and Distillation Device: Aging tests

  • Density Kit and Ash Oven: Rubber and plastic raw material analysis

  • Melt Flow Index device: Flow measurement of plastic material

  • HDT/Vicat Thermal Degradation Grade Test Device: Thermoplastic material analysis

  • Permanence Test Device: Material deformation tests


Product Performance Tests

With our testing devices in our laboratory, product performance and aging tests are tested for durability against pressure, temperature, and vibration. These tests are carried out within the spectra specified by the customer or by design of working conditions.

In our laboratory,

• Air hose impact resistance tester, Turbocharger Hose Life Tester

• Radiator Hoses Impulse tester

• Pressure, Temperature and Vibration Tester (PVT Tester)

• Blasting tester

• Vacuum Tester

• Pressure Resistance Testers

• Internal cleaning tests (dimensional and gravimetric measurements of particles)

• Sealing Tests

• Installation-Torque Measurement Devices

• Cold Resistance-Friability Tester

• Climatic Cycle Test is available.