Air Group

Air Suction Systems

The air suction system components that are responsible for filtering the dirty air and delivering it to the engine are manufactured from rubber and thermoplastic materials in our company. In line with customer needs, the related components are being developed to provide oil and fuel vapor resistance.

Turbocharge Systems

The hot air pipes between the turbo compressor and the intercooler and the cold air pipes between the intercooler outlet and the engine are manufactured in our company by being developed from rubber, metal, plastic and silicone materials. The products produced with these materials are also resistant to the high temperatures and pressures that arise due to developing engine technologies.

Water Group

Heating and Cooling Systems

Cooling and heating systems for all types of vehicles are developed and produced in our company from EPDM, EPM, MVQ and thermoplastic materials. In addition, plastic fasteners used in these systems are designed and manufactured in our company.

Fuel Group

Fuel Systems

Flexible pipes used in fuel tank filling systems are produced in our company by using various elastomers.