Our Policies


Environment and OHS

Within the framework of the possibilities provided by the project budgets, we aim to use the most compatible materials and technology for environment and OHS. In every new project, we aim to improve the environment and OHS continuously and to provide a better quality of life for future generations.

Within the framework of laws and anticipations, we organize regular trainings with the participation of our employees to effectively use natural resources and reduce environmental pollution and to decrease OHS risks into acceptable levels.


As Ünver Group family, we are aware of the importance of protecting and securing our values by carrying out our management strategies with our understanding of "management according to the targets and continuous improvement". Our main objectives in this direction are as follows.

To understand and meet customer expectations and ensure customer satisfaction,

Increasing productivity by preventing mistakes and waste,

To continuously increase our education level, skills, and quality awareness,

To continuously improve the quality of our products and services with the participation of our suppliers, to seek for excellence and to reach perfection,

To ensure that our employees are engaged in continuous improvement through team spirit and work,

To ensure stakeholder satisfaction by adopting the principle of "ZERO ERROR" in all our processes.As Ünver Group family, we undertake to adhere to the up-to-date Quality and Environmental Management Systems to implement the activities required to achieve the above objectives by accepting customer expectations as the main principle.